Workbook Unit 4 – 6

Choose the correct alternative.
1 Food that is dropped on the floor/used to protect us can still be
2 Adult brain cells can be/used to be replaced by new ones.
3 An illness like Alzheimer’s probably damages memory/creates
new cells.
4 It is commonly believed that picking up/being hit by a falling
coin will kill you.
5 If a falling coin hit you, you would be OK/never survive it.
6 The tallest buildings in the world are unlikely to be/regularly
struck by lightning.
5 Answer the questions.
1 In line 6, what is them in: as soon as it touches them’?
2 In line 11, what does it refer to in: it is never replaced’?
3 What does it refer to in line 21: it will not drop fast
4 In line 31, what does it refer to in: it happens very
6 What about you?
Which of these myths have you heard of before? Do you know
any other